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LEO-NET keeps the members updated of the trends and changes within our activity field in different ways. The board keeps the wheels turning by creating learning opportunities, to boost cooperation, to strengthen the network. Since the pandemic new formats were developed to keep actively in touch with the members. Click here to see our upcoming activities.

LEO-NET  Virtual Coffees

A one hour virtual meeting on a chosen topic which may be introduced by one of our members or an external speaker. Q & A’s and lively discussions, while sipping your favorite coffee.
For members only.

LEO-NET yearly Seminar

Since the pandemic we know for sure: no online meeting can replace a meeting face to face!
The LEO-NET seminar is traditionally the cherry on the cake of our activities. It is a specific occasion where members meet, connect, share and learn. During two days members and external experts come forward to give insight in new trends and approaches, structural traineeship mobility schemes, as well as identifying new challenges, good practices, exploring new ideas, defining strategies.

For new members indeed an ideal opportunity to expand their network instantly. For members an opportunity to strengthen connections, to foster cooperation or exchange with co-members, while warmly welcoming the ‘newbies’!

The yearly seminar is hosted by one of our member institutions, in a European city. An opportunity to put your institution or organization in the picture. For all an occasion to learn about the regional and national points of view on youth employment, traineeship or employability related matters, the local challenges, trends and evolutions.

In the framework of the Seminar occasions are created to meet your interns in the region, to hear first-hand about their traineeship experiences.

upcoming activities

Informal meet & greet for LEO-NET members in Barcelona on September 12th 2022

The EIAE 2022 brings a lot of people on from many different places. Also many LEO-NET members often join the conference. An ideal occasion for LEO-Net to invite its members present in Barcelona – before the conference gets started – to an informal meet & greet. An occasion to reconnect in case you missed the yearly Seminar in Ghent, or to continue the conversations over a refreshing glass.

Date: Monday, September 12
Time: 20.00
Venue: Farola, Carrer del Rec, 67, 08003 Barcelona 

From the LEO-NET board Burcu Atalay and Karol Ovesny will be present and more than happy to welcome you.

For those going to Barcelona have a safe trip, a nice meet & greet and a fruitful conference. For the others …..enjoy what you are doing instead 😉.

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