E+ Mobility Consortia

Consortia for (Traineeship) Mobility are specific cooperation forms uniting a group of HEI or other organisations and managed by a single coordinating organisation.
The European Commission encourages Higher Education Institutions to join forces in the view of more efficient use of mobility resources. For LEO-NET (traineeship) mobility consortia are important stakeholders.

Why LEO-NET keeps the finger at the pulse of consortia

LEO-NET endorses the specific role of consortia and their added value in the field of traineeship mobility, employability, inclusivity and diversity, in their region or on trans-regional level.
The scale of their operations and challenges may be different from individual institutions and may need to be addressed differently.

The LEO-NET Consortia Meeting is a unique occasion to meet representatives from other consortia, to zoom in on specific challenges and good practices, trends and evolutions and to inspire others by their cooperative approach.

We encourage E+ consortia to come forward, to connect and expand their network.
Consortia can also become a member of LEO-NET, represented by the coordinating institution or body.

Are you interested in establishing a consortium for traineeship mobility in your region?

In some EU-countries there are many mobility consortia. In other countries there are none.
Are you looking for inspiring examples, wondering what kind of leverage effect establishing a mobility consortia in your region may create? LEO-NET will be happy to share its experience in the matter and help your institution(s) to get on
the way.