Geplaatst: 12 March 2018

Bio Speakers Barcelona Seminar 2018

LEO-NET Barcelona Seminar: Biography Speakers

Barcelona, April 12-13, 2018

Johannes Gehringer is Policy Officer for Erasmus+ Higher Education at European Commission in Brussels. He is mainly dealing with the management of intra-European Erasmus+ student and staff mobility as well as higher education strategic partnership projects.

Johannes has more than ten years of work experience in EU education and training policies and programmes. Previously, he worked in EU external relations and cooperation (audiovisual, culture). His academic background ranges from computer science, languages, international politics to business administration. He studied in Vienna, Paris, Zaragoza, Chicago and Brussels.

Ana Cecilia Boa- Ventura has over 20 years’ experience in European Programs. She is International Officer at the Polytechnic of Leiria, in the coastal center part  of Portugal  where she works in the framework of international traineeships, faculty members mobility,  a Consortium of  8 Polytechnics and 122 companies- unique in Europe given the special characteristics it holds-  and she has experience in organizing international events and working with Joint Master Degrees.

The Polytechnic of Leiria is one of the 3 biggest Polytechnics in Portugal and has over than 1200 international students- she has the background and the know- how of working directly with the students during all the changes of the Erasmus program from a pilot program in Business administration as the first Polytechnic in Portugal applying to Erasmus until to Erasmus + . She is from Lisbon and  holds a grade in Law (University of Lisbon) and a grade in Para Legal Studies (Polytechnic of Leiria) and a Master in International Relations- European Studies namely in the area of International Higher Education Studies (University of Coimbra) and she is preparing her doctoral degree in the frame of EU relations with Eastern Countries in what concerns Higher Education (University of Coimbra). She was also a Fulbright grantee of market driven Higher Education  and has several papers published namely  on financial aspect of the European Commission funding, Multilingualism, Relationship between University-Industry. Attended numerous workshops and seminars both as speaker or attendee mostly in issues connected with European Higher Education programs and she speaks four languages.

Regarding LeoNet she has been attending to the Barcelona meeting for the last 12 years and she has a special interest in activities connected with Higher Education with the intervention of the European Commission.

Karol Ovesny is an experienced project manager in business and education area with main focus on EU programs and Higher Education and business cooperation.

He is Managing Director and Founder of the first Slovak Consortium of Universities called WorkSpace Europe, focused on university – business cooperation and international mobilities supported by EU program Erasmus+. WorkSpace Europe represents 12 prestigious Slovak Universities with a branch in Czech Republic with another 3 Universities.

Karol also operates as a business consultant for Slovak and international companies and Universities and is a member of several international associations related to Business-Academic cooperation.

Jaana Mutanen works currently as a programme manager at EDUFI Finnish National Agency for Education (former CIMO and National Board of Education) in the Unit of International Traineeships and Postgraduate Studies. Her tasks include various types of projects designed to improve traineeships, practical traineeship exchanges to Latin America, Asia and Russia. JM also manages the national network TraiNet, experts on Traineeships in Finnish HEIs.

During 20years JM have been promoting Finland as study destination in Educational Fairs and writing 80 professional articles. JM has been doing abroad more or less 10 traineeship periods for professionals. She is in the Board of Foundation of Finnish cultural institutes in Madrid and Berlin.

In the first half of the 90’s JM worked in the international matters –unit of the Ministry of Education, after which she moved onto the corresponding unit in Helsinki University dealing with Finnish HEIs and exchanges. Before coming to CIMO, JM had one more taste of internationalism by working abroad in the Finnish Institute in Berlin in promoting Finland as a prospective studying and training destination.

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Bert Verdonck is a global LinkedIn expert, an international master trainer and passionate lifehacker. Bert is the author of 8 books, including the Little LinkedIn for Dummies (in Dutch). He also co-authored the best seller How To REALLY Use LinkedIn and The Power of LinkedIn. His most recent book is the Little WhatsApp for Dummies (in Dutch). LinkedIn Learning also published several of his courses on social recruiting.

Bert is the General Manager for the Professional Development & Training (PDT) department of Scredible, a
UK startup. Scredible helps organisations and professionals to become socially credible, thought leaders and more successful by embracing the power of LinkedIn, social selling & social recruiting. Scredible has next to PDT also a brilliant platform, supported by AI to get faster results with social media.

Together with his international team of 27 certified LinkedIn trainers, which is the #1 LinkedIn training group in  the world, Bert is giving presentations and training sessions about LinkedIn, social media, social selling and social recruiting for SMEs, freelancers and global organisations like Deloitte, IBM, ING, Oracle, PwC, BNPParibas and Siemens.

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Fascinated by the leaders who make impact in the world with a capacity to live and develop positively in spite of challenges, Line has discovered interesting patterns in how they think, act and communicate. Faithful to their values and aspirations, they learn from every situation and circumstance in life as a great and valuable experience and are not afraid of re-inventing themselves and their way of doing things. They develop agility and resiliency which allow to respond and adapt positively to change without falling into the trap of rancor, hostility or bitterness.

With a background in philosophy and system thinking and an experience of 20 years as manager and project manager in different industries, Line is running now her own company providing training, guidance and coaching to organizations, teams & individuals facing major transformations impacting employment, skills and education.

Pierre-Julien Bosser-Lamy is a social entrepreneur and youth activist. He co-founded InternsGoPro because he believes in real democracy and in the power of communities to organize to pursue their interests. His background in philosophy and European studies led him to investigate the enormous potential of people for social transformation. He is convinced that if every young person could access quality education and quality trainings, youth could bring the most to society. He is passionate about helping people take a stand and make a difference in the world.