Geplaatst: 8 November 2023

Online Webinar – The new internship portal kick off

Dear LEO-NET members,
We are proud to announce that our new internship portal has been finalized and is ready for kick-off.
We are really happy to introduce this innovative tool for our members helping their students and young graduates moving forward to a sustainable career.

The portal, its functionalities and benefits for you and your students / young graduates will be demonstrated in the upcoming webinar.
It will be a „members only“ webinar as only students and young graduates of LEO-NET members institutions will be able to use it (after login) and have access to exclusive company offers for internships or graduate jobs.

Webinar details:
Date: Friday, November 24th, 2023
Time: starting at 11am CET (until 12:30)
Registration link: Register for the Webinar

After your registration we will send you the webinar link one day beforehand. Looking forward to meeting you all again!

The LEO-NET board

Geplaatst: 26 May 2023

Online Webinar – Quality Framework for Traineeships


Dear member

We are happy to invite you to the next LEO-NET Webinar on ‘Findings of the Evaluation of the Quality Framework for Traineeships’

Date: June 23rd 2023, 11-12.30 (Brussels CET)
Speaker: Shui-Beam Lam, Policy Officer DG Employment, Social Affairs, and Inclusion/Youth Employment.

Traineeships are a common way for young people to gain practical and professional experience before taking up regular jobs. However, various stakeholders have voiced concerns about the working conditions of trainees. Therefore, a few months ago the European Commission conducted a thorough review of the 2014 Quality Framework for Traineeships. Shui will share the findings of the evaluation and the next steps to cater for high-quality traineeships, integrating all 10 (or more?) quality dimensions.

This webinar is the follow up session of Shui’s presentation at the Ghent Seminar (June 2022). Unfortunately, she could not join us for the Bratislava Seminar (April 2023), though looking forward to sharing the findings with us, as promised. Time for discussion is included.

Don’t forget to register via the link. 

Looking forward to meeting you again soon!

Geplaatst: 24 May 2023

2023 Virtual Coffee – Traineeships in Startups. Pros&Cons?


2022 Virtual Coffee – Using a Learning Robot

Geplaatst: 2 November 2017

LEO-NET Position Paper Published

LEO-NET Position Paper Publised

The aim of the position paper is to share the LEO-NET members’ vision on the Erasmus+ programme, to share their concerns and to contribute to future traineeship mobility programmes.

The paper focuses on the following topics intertwined with (graduate) traineeship mobility in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme:

Consistent development of the added value of consortia will positively affect the quality of traineeships. Rethinking the efficient use of resources and the adaptation of the financial flows and grant administration will allow to spend more time and attention to quality enhancement too. The latter can also be enforced by structural cooperation initiatives among consortia and between consortia and HEIs, as it will encourage peer learning and the sharing of good practices and expertise.

The impact of the current financial support for trainees can be enhanced by a levelling of the grants in certain situations; at all times bearing in mind that the financially more vulnerable groups should not be affected. The protection of the trainee while carrying out their tasks during the traineeship, is another concern. Last but not least the extension of the target group is considered an asset in the struggle against youth unemployment. A number of opportunities for quality improvement and a more efficient and effective use of resources are proposed to future programmes with a view to sustainable careers of young graduates. The suggestions aim at better responding to the goals of the Erasmus+ programme and the future successor programme in particular, and at better meeting the broader challenges that the European Commission is facing, such as Youth Unemployment, Youth Guarantee and Inclusion.

Click the image to download the PDF document:

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